CLIFFEAGLE - Your lawyers and experts from economy for the economy

We are one of only a few law firms that are active in the fields of commercial and business criminal law and exclusively in the field of sports and sports criminal law. We advise and represent our clients nationwide as well as internationally in Great Britain, Austria and Switzerland.

Because of our specialization we primarily provide consulting services:

    • Companies, traders, freelancers and self-employed persons in the tertiary and especially the health sector;
  • Shareholders, managing directors, depositors and investors;
  • Athletes, players, officials, coaches, managers, sponsors and manufacturers of sporting goods
  • Private Clients;

In particular, we currently offer our clients the following special services:

    • Defences based on accusations of violations of the EU DS GMOs;
  • Creation and mediation of company-specific IT security guidelines;
  • A mock search of your company, clinic or practice;
  • Criminal Compliance and Legal Opinions;
  • Internal Investigations and Litigation-PR;
  • Succession, marriage and inheritance contracts for entrepreneurs and business people;


self-conception and own standards

In addition to our professional orientation, our law firm distinguishes itself in particular by the way we deal with our clients' topics and problems as a team. This means that each case is always handled by two team members, who mutually and independently work out the best solution or strategy for your case. Once the path and goal have been determined, the case is handed over to a single team member for final processing. All members of the CLIFFEAGLE team are lawyers and experts in a wide range of fields. They are absolute individualists, think creatively, are digitalized and, if necessary, can be reached around the clock. We see ourselves as your personal advocate by making your case our case. CLIFFEAGLE's strategy and work concept has proven itself, because this approach saves important time and provides our clients with optimal security. Place your trust in us and make an appointment in our office!

expertise and harmony of the team members

There is no doubt that, in addition to our self-image and our own standards, the special expertise and harmony between the individual team members is also jointly responsible for the success of our clients. Thus, in addition to their freelance work for our law firm, numerous team members are active and experienced in a wide variety of forms within their specialist field and expertise in commercial transactions. Our clients can therefore expect not only legal experience in dealing with courts and law enforcement agencies, but also knowledge necessary for the industry, entrepreneurial expertise and a special sensitivity in the implementation and solution of their concerns. The majority of CLIFFEAGLE's team members are also active and passionate sportsmen and women and maintain close contacts with top-class and competitive sports. This guarantees expert and practical support in the legal fields of sports and sports criminal law.